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Bingo Bonuses
As Bingo becomes more popular many sites offer a Bingo Bonus as an incentive just like high-street shops, and other gaming sites. Such things as �Recommend a friend and get free games�, or �Thursday is free day, get one game free for every game you pay�. Sites may enter all players in a game for a free draw prize like a bottle of champagne.

The most popular bingo incentive is for a site to give you a 'signing up' bonus or a 'regular player' bonus. This means that if you put a certain amount of money into your account, say �50, they will often match that amount and put another �50 in for you, giving you a total playing credit of �100. This would be known as 100% match bonus, since they've matched 100% of what you have initially deposited.

Of course, certain rules apply and you will have to play a certain number of games before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. This is to stop you depositing the �50 and immediately taking out the �100 (yes, in the early days of internet gaming, that was possible, but of course it was abused by some players and so the rules on withdrawals had to be introduced).

Apart from receiving a bonuses when you sign up for the first time with a new bingo site, like a golden welcome, you can also earn loyalty bonuses. These are paid as an incentive for you to stay with any one bingo site. These are fantastic for you especially if you are more than happy to stay with that site anyway - a bit like getting free money. Loyalty bonuses are sometimes called "comps" or "fidelity points".

Check the Best Bingo sites regularly to see when special bonus promotions are running and keep an eye on our main bingo page for the latest offers. Key dates to look out for are Valentine�s Day, Mother�s Day, Easter, Midsummer�s day, Bank holidays, Christmas and New Year. Special Event days like World Cup Final may see special bonuses as well.