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Bingo Etiquette
Traditional Bingo Halls had quite a few rules of etiquette, such as total silence when the balls were called, so you could hear them, and hear anyone shouting Bingo. On-line Bingo etiquette mainly applies to chatrooms.

Chat rooms in Bingo

It�s a fact of nature, women like to chat, and women like to play Bingo. So it is no surprise that chat rooms are very popular in online Bingo. But there are rules, even here, and the chatroom usually has a supervisor making sure you do behave, and don�t offend.

As with any chatroom, the player�s name may not be their real one, and their views maybe deliberately contentious, or even blatant lies. Chat rooms are so popular, there are even Chat Room Games you can play there. The supervisor will make sure that you are not harassing people verbally, that you are not impersonating another player, that you are not endorsing a product and generally that you are behaving in a decent way.

If you have a complaint about the chat room, or host, there will be an email route available to you. If you are not very good at typing, some sites have a selection of pretyped abbreviations you can use, like �GL� (good luck!). A chat room is a lot easier place to be than a face-to-face Bingo Hall. You don�t have to worry about where you sit, whether your pen will work, or if people will hear you when you shout �BINGO!�.

By all means cry over no wins, but do not gloat over winnings. Make sure you congratulate other players on their wins. if they only need a couple of numbers, why not wish them good luck?