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Bingo Strategy
Bingo is a game of luck, and anyone who tries to sell you a strategy guide or a sure-fire way to win at bingo should be given a wide berth. Don't waste your money on them. Even if they are free, we recommend you put your time to better use.

That said, you can help yourself by looking at a selection of sites and their jackpot amounts and how much a card costs to play, before you play so that you enter games that are good value. Jackpots tend to be higher at weekends, for the same initial card price.

To increase your chances of winning you buy more cards (but this will cost you more money).

Check a site to see what prizes or raffles are available to free game players.

Register with a number of sites (using the same username and password to save confusion on your part) so that you can take advantage of any short-term offers.

Make sure you recommend sites to friends and receive your free bingo bonus and any other incentives on offer.

Below you can find some useful tips to help you playing the game easier:

  • Never play more cards than you can watch. Be careful of "play all you want for $", you'll end up going nuts trying to watch all your cards.

  • Learn to use chat accronyms to speed up chat conversations. (Click here for a helpful list of chat accronyms)

  • Never bang while you are dabbing. Dabbers work better if you dab lightly. If you bang hard chances are your dabber will leak.

  • Paper cards with lower card numbers (free space #) tend to have the numbers closer together card #1 (B: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, I: 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20). Longer games like Coveralls tend to draw numbers in sperts close together. 16 17 then 19 and 20 come out. To win more coveralls, try to come in early and get the first set of paper cards issued. On big nights managers stock the counter with plenty cards usually the ones on top are the lowest free space number cards. Check the next coverall for yourself. Notice the flashboard. Lighted up numbers usually in sets by the 30'th number called.

  • Be curtious to those around you. Do not yell out loud the number you need.

  • Burning the number (on paper cards) does not mean that it will come out the next time.

  • Buy a card for a neighbor once a night. You never know when you will want one more game when your wallet says it's time to go.

  • Share the wealth when you win. Toss out a lucky dollar to those around you when you win. If they win a larger jackpot, they could return the lucky dollar (ten fold), especially if they win with your lucky dollar.

  • If you want to win at Bingo, play bingo on nights that are generally slower for the operators (Monday - Thursday usually less players than weekends). Being a game of chance if there are fewer players then there are fewer cards in play. If you have as many cards as you can comfortably play and there are fewer cards in play, due to lower crowds, then you have a larger percent of cards in play. Odds in your favor? I think so, especially if the hall you play at offers electronic bingo (computer bingo) and you have 2 or 3 cards per game.